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Vital Petfood Group to become license holder of Technic-Cal Products

Vital Petfood Group A/S will become the new license holder of Technic-Cal Products for Dogs and Cats, effective February 1.

"We are very proud to have acquired the license of the Techni-Cal brand, and we look forward to working very close together with all current distributors and developing the business together with them," said Paul van der Raad, CEO of Vital Petfood Group A/S.

Susanna Koning, owner and CEO of Techni-Cal AG, said the Techni-Cal products, in the near future, will be manufactured, sold and marketed by Vital Petfood Group A/S. "Vital Petfood Group has very much expertise in producing super premium pet food and has extremely dedicated staff among which two veterinarians. I am sure that the new license agreement with Vital Petfood Group will benefit distributors, retailers, customers as well as the end consumers - the dogs and cats."

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