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Purina-sponsored cat cafe opens for one weekend in New York

The Purina-sponsored Cat Café opened on April 24 in Manhattan, and cat lovers enjoyed complimentary "cat'achino" cappuccinos, discussed cat health and learned about cat adoption with 16 cats in attendance. Purina One hosted the café as a pop-up shop, lasting only through April 27, but organizers said they hope the event encourages cat health awareness and adoption.

"The goal of what we're doing here is try to start a conversation about cat health," said Niky Roberts with Purina One. "What better place to do that then over a cup of coffee with some friends in a café? We thought if people are going to be talking about cat health, you should be among your subjects and have cats all around you.

"It's a great thing because dogs are very publicly social—you can take your dog out and go for a walk, talk to people at the dog park—but that's not a luxury most cat owners have, so this is a place you can talk with like-minded people about cat health and be among cats."

The café featured a "Cat Chat" speaker series with discussions led by a cat behaviorist, a veterinarian and other cat experts. Purina One partnered with North Shore Animal League, a large, no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization based in Long Island, New York, to bring 16 specially chosen cats from around the country to hang out at the café.

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