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Merrick Pet Care launches dog food advertising campaign

Natural petfood manufacturer Merrick Pet Care has launched its “Best Dog Ever Deserves the Best Food Ever” advertising campaign with Austin, Texas-based agency McGarrah Jessee. The new campaign for the company’s all-natural Merrick brand dog food marks the most substantial marketing investment in its 25+ year history and comes at a time when the brand is experiencing double-digit growth in the expanding natural, premium petfood category, according to the company.

“Our new campaign is based on the guiding insight that most pet parents truly believe their dog is the best dog ever, and to honor that bond they seek the very best for their dog when it comes to choosing a food,” said Mark Sapir, vice president of marketing for Merrick Pet Care. “This emotional insight wrapped around the benefits of our food—high quality, nutrition and great taste—guided the development of the campaign as we celebrate the special relationship between pet parent and pet shown through shared joy at mealtime.”

As pet parents continue to research petfood brands online, a major component of the campaign will target current and potential consumers via search, display and remarketing. In addition, there will be a heavy social media component to reach new and current pet parents, as research demonstrates pet parents are particularly active across a number of social platforms and receptive to brand messages there. “The natural petfood category has become very crowded, and a highly targeted digital campaign is the best way to break through to the right consumers and reach them via multi-media channels that bring our story to life in the most compelling ways,” said Sapir.

Finally, the company is updating the Merrick website with a dynamic comparison tool for pet parents to compare their dog food brands to Merrick, and offering a money-back guarantee to reinforce that pet parents will find Merrick to be “the best food ever, for the best dog ever.”

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