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The Honest Kitchen renews FDA 'Human Grade' claims approval

The Honest Kitchen has renewed its formal Statement of No Objection with the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) to use the term “human grade” on all of its petfood labels. The company’s human grade foods are produced in a human food facility, not in a petfood plant, using 100% human edible ingredients.

The Honest Kitchen, which began making human grade petfoods in 2004, first obtained an FDA statement of no objection that same year, and elected to renew with the administration in the fall of 2013. The process involves providing detailed documentation from each of The Honest Kitchen’s suppliers to verify the human edible status of every ingredient used in the company’s recipes.

“We require our vendors to provide us with a signed Human Edible Status Verification document each year, along with a Statement of Integrity, which promises that the ingredient we’re purchasing meets a specific set of criteria,” said company founder and CEO Lucy Postins. “They verify that every ingredient is non-GMO, not irradiated, not sourced from (or grown or processed in) China, and also document any applicable sustainability traits, such as organic certification, fair trade, free-range and so on.”

The company has also implemented a system of independent and internal vendor audits, as a secondary measure to ensure that their requirements are upheld throughout the ingredient production process, said the company.

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