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Webinar to discuss high-meat recipes and single-screw extruders

Current petfood product developments include high meat/grain-free recipes and related successes using the single-screw extruder to make commercial products.

Register at to attend the webinar, “Processing Technologies in Petfood Manufacturing,” on November 10 at 10 a.m. Central to:

  • Discover new formulation synergies;
  • Leverage standard and existing production models;
  • Learn to maximize existing process architecture;
  • Secure the highest level of food safety utilizing systems already in place;
  • Enhance process efficiency;
  • Establish product protection validation; and
  • Identify gains in product value and challenges to managing yield.

Petfood manufacturers, nutritionists, veterinarians, product formulators, QA/QC, and executives should attend this webinar, sponsored by Extru-Tech Inc. and 1 Solution Group and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speakers for this webinar will be Greg Aldrich, PhD., and Will Henry.

Aldrich is involved directly with formulation/nutrition technologies in the petfood market, and is recognized and respected in the industry for his work. Aldrich conducts research and aids companies with introduction of cutting-edge new products for pets. He actively participates in development of these high-meat extruded foods and will provide insight regarding some of the challenges and opportunities they present in an effort to produce safe and effective food solutions for the next generation of petfood.

Henry addresses petfood manufacturers around the world regarding practical solutions for extrusion, processing, product development and food safety systems. He will include technical process data regarding the trials completed on high-meat inclusion (with both typical grain-based and exotic no-grain recipes) and the single-screw technology used in the successful development of this new product category.

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