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Horn Animal Wellness releases animal nutrition infographic

Specialty animal ingredient distributor Horn Animal Wellness has released an educational infographic designed to help shed light on the functional and nutritional benefits of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil for animals and animal food products.

“There are studies that show the importance of MCTs in weight-management formulations and in age-specific formulas, thanks to the MCTs being readily available fuel for the brain,” said Dave Preszler, technical director of Horn Animal Wellness. “They are excellent for use in formulations and supplements for show and sport performance animals. MCTs are also prominently used in milk-replacement products due to their digestibility and their nutritive characteristics.”

MCTs are important in animal nutrition as an energy source and as an ingredient for cognitive health, according to Horn. MCTs are metabolized into ketone bodies, which are able to freely pass through the blood-brain barrier to become the main energy source for cells. MCTs are also readily absorbed in the gut and then released directly into the portal vein and transported directly to the liver. The liver rapidly metabolizes the MCTs, which releases instant energy to the body.

The infographic is available online and can be downloaded.

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