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petMD: Nutritional value is pet owners' top petfood concern

petMD conducted a survey to determine what factors people consider most when choosing a petfood, and the survey revealed that a majority of pet owners are highly concerned about the nutritional value of their pet's food. When asked what factor is the most important in selecting a petfood, only 4% of respondents said price. And while 10% said their primary consideration is palatability, nearly 80% said they choose their pet's food based on how nutritious or healthy they believe it will be for their pet.

Sixty percent of pet food buyers claim to read ingredient labels, but most are unfamiliar with the official terms used in ingredient lists, according to the study. Experts recommend that consumers look to the following sources to gather information about the best food for their pets:

  • veterinary recommendations
  • brand reputations
  • regulatory statements
  • foods manufactured "by" a brand, rather than "for" a brand
  • toll-free consumer lines

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