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China petfood manufacturers want fair treatment of products in US

After Petco and other US petfood retailers began to remove Chinese products from their stores, China’s petfood exporters have called for objective and fair treatment of its products.

In January, Petco said it had removed all Chinese-made dog and cat treats from its website and stores because of concerns over pet illnesses. In May, Petco and PetSmart said they want to ban the treats.

In response, the Pet Food Articles Inspection and Quarantine Branch of China Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association said that "there is no direct evidence of a correlation between the pet snacks manufactured in China and the disease and death of pets in USA."

"De-shelving with no reason will result in trade losses of the importers/exporters of the two countries and cause a misunderstanding by US consumers about pet snacks manufactured in China," the association said in a statement provided to China Daily.

The association said most Chinese enterprises do OEM for US brands, and raw, auxiliary materials and production technology are in accordance with the requests of US importers. The group says many Chinese petfood companies have been affected by the move.

"We wish the US retailers to treat pet snacks manufactured in China objectively and fairly, and US consumers not be misguided by groundless suspicions," it added.

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