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Wellness Natural, WellPet donate US$1.7 million in petfood

Wellness Natural Pet Food and the WellPet Foundation have made a US$1.7 million in-kind donation of Wellness petfood to PetSmart Charities for distribution to five shelters in Arizona and Indiana serving pets in need. The Wellness petfood donation represents the largest-ever volume donation received by PetSmart Charities, and the single-largest donation by the WellPet Foundation, and will help thousands of dogs and cats in need.

The shelters, all adoption partners of PetSmart Charities, include Heartland Small Animal Rescue in South Bend, Indiana, and, in Arizona, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Pima County Animal Care in Tucson, Maricopa County Animal Care in Phoenix and Pinal County Animal Care in Casa Grande.

"Thousands of homeless pets will benefit because of our partnership with WellPet," said Jan Wilkins, executive director, PetSmart Charities. "WellPet's generous US$1.7 million Wellness petfood donation will make it possible for many of our animal welfare partners to not only feed homeless pets, but use the money they would have spent on food to make life better in other ways, too, for the pets in their care."

Wellness and the WellPet Foundation have a long history of helping animals in communities across the country. "Helping pets in need is part of the Wellness 'All Ways Well' brand promise, which includes extending the nutritional benefits of Wellness natural petfood to all pets," said Chanda Leary Coutu, senior communications manager for WellPet. "We're sincerely honored to have the opportunity to join PetSmart Charities in supporting the well-being of dogs and cats at these shelters.

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