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Top Dog Kitchen gets ‘vet recommended’ approval rating

Top Dog Kitchen has received a “vet recommended” approval rating from Dr. Tonya Loreman, DVM, and Dr. Shelley Gothard, DVM, from Sabal Palm Animal Hospital in Naples, Florida, USA.

“It can be a challenge to find appropriate treats for pets with certain medical conditions, and the treats made by Top Dog Kitchen offer great choices for those pets,” Loreman said. “Since Top Dog Kitchen promises simple recipes using USDA meats, we’re pleased to recommend them for healthy pets as well as for those pets that may need a restricted diet.

 Pet treats are not always a necessity but they can contribute to the daily quality of life experienced by both pet and owner. There is value in the simple enjoyment of the treat and treats are usually an essential tool of pet training. We always recommend choosing treats carefully so that the treat does not create a new problem such as an upset digestive system. We’ve now made it official and are placing our ‘stamp of approval’ on Top Dog Kitchen’s line of treats that our patients have loved since 2011.” 

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