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Furbo allows pet parents to remotely watch, treat pets

From Petfood Industry:

A new contraption allows pet parents to keep an eye on their pets while they’re away from home, communicate with them remotely, and dispense treats with the touch of a button.

The Furbo is a combination HD camera, two-way audio and treat dispenser. Owners can use the 120-degree 720p camera, equipped with zoom and night vision, to keep watch of their pets. The two-way audio allows you to hear your pet and talk to them. Furbo can notify pet parents via the companion app when their dog is barking.

The app also allows pet owners to remotely dispense treats from the treat container for their furry friends. You can record photos or videos of your pet through the Furbo to share on social media, too.

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Furbo lets you dispense dog treats from afar

For dog owners who treat their pets like children, it can be hard leaving them alone while at work. Who's going to pamper your pooch with treats while you're gone? What if - in the absence of your constant reminders - they forget who is, in fact, a good boy? Furbo's are looking to allay these fears by letting you remotely talk to, and feed, your pet...

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