Einstein Pets formed a partnership with PupScouts.Org, an international organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for dog charity organizations and philanthropic efforts. Under the partnership, Einstein Pets is the exclusive manufacturer producing the featured dog treat, named Wagalongs.

Charity pet treat

Einstein Pets is making a difference through pet treats with Wagalongs are peanut butter carob cookies, drizzled with tupelo honey, with crispy tops and edges and a chewy center. PupScouts.Org will offer the US made treats exclusively through PupScouts.Org fundraising, philanthropic efforts and interactive events throughout the year.

“We know the Einstein Pets brand is the right fit for us and we are thrilled,” said Susan Godwin, founder of PupScouts.Org, in a press release. “They bring one of the best all-natural, made in the U.S.A. dog treats for us to offer our troop members, and we feel this is an addition that our members and consumers will appreciate.”

The PupScouts.Org network and customer base expansion is focused on meeting the demands of a growing membership with a treat offering. They will offer their troop members the Einstein Pets exclusively made Wagalongs, starting November 2016.