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Bloggers and columnists for Petfood Industry recently shared insights on brand loyalty, cranberries and labeling modernization.

Honey, we've shrunk the pet food packages

New pet food data from GfK on the US pet specialty retail channel shows pet food packages are shrinking. And, with apologies to the hit movie from 1989 ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"), it's worth looking into possible reasons behind this shift.

Cranberries in dog and cat food: any direct benefit?

Cranberries are found on the ingredient panel of many pet foods. They are often associated with urinary tract health claims, foods that claim to be fortified with antioxidants, or those that appeal to pet owners looking for added fruits and vegetables.

Is it time to 'modernize' pet food labels?

The current format of pet food labels in the United States has been around for many decades. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Pet Food Committee was first convened in the 1960s, after which the basic labeling requirements took shape.

Pet food to the rescue: spotlighting the industry's good

This is a blog about the pet food market and industry, so you'll find no political statements here. But I think we can agree that nearly everyone in the world is facing some level of turmoil and uncertainty, from various causes and situations, and we could all use some positive, feel-good messages.

Organic pet food market positioned for growth

Learn why the organic pet food market is a small part of dog and cat food sales and how increasing consumer friendliness towards organic may change this.

Survey: half of US pet food shoppers are brand loyal

In a new survey, 47 percent of US pet owners reported that they buy their preferred brand of pet food regardless of the availability of coupons or deals. That the percentage isn't higher probably owes to the fact that the respondents included pet parents from multiple generations, including famously brand-agnostic millennials.

Pet food trend watch: human food trends to track in 2017

Pet food professionals are no strangers to ever-growing consumer demands for transparency. If it's any comfort, consumers make the same demand - at even a higher level - for the foods they eat themselves. In fact, "clean supreme" heads Innova Market Insights' top 10 trends for 2017, its annual list of what people in the human food industry should track in the year ahead.