Second Chance Center for Animals is expanding its enrichment and training programs for shelter dogs in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA with the opening of its Canine Sports Arena, made possible by a US$25,000 donation from Nestlé Purina PetCare.

"Renovating our outdoor play yards to create the Purina Canine Sports Arena will allow our kennel coaches and volunteers the opportunity to spend more time training and interacting with the shelter dogs, teaching manners and skills that help the dogs find homes and stay in those homes," said Sean Hawkins, executive director of the non-profit Second Chance Center for Animals, in a press release.

Associates from the Nestlé Purina facility in Flagstaff participated in a community volunteer day December 16 at Second Chance Center for Animals, where they presented a commemorative check for US$25,000 and painted cat condos, assembled new beds for dogs, stuffed enrichment toys with treats for dogs and cats and created cat toys from donated recycled items.

"In addition to the grant funds and volunteer support, Purina is providing every dog or cat adopted during Home for the Holidays with a supply of Purina food and a special gift basket with treats and toys," said Casey Hansen, plant manager for Nestlé Purina in Flagstaff.

How pet food companies are giving back to pets, people

Businesses aligning their brands with various causes and charities is nothing new. But the pet food industry, with its dual goals of meeting human pet owner needs and providing the best products possible for the benefit of those pets, is in a unique position to do good on several fronts, reported Petfood Industry.

Getting involved with pet adoptions, working with shelters and rescues, spearheading various animal health initiatives, helping communities continue to care for their pets after natural disasters, and working to connect people in need with service animals are just some of the ways the industry gets involved on the human and animal sides of things.