DEStech Publications Inc. has announced the publication of Methods for Developing New Food Products: An Instructional Guide, Expanded Second Edition, a textbook and professional reference guide written by Dr. Fadi Aramouni, PhD, and Kathryn Deschenes, M.S.

The text is an enlarged and fully revised edition of a previously published guide that explains industry-standard techniques for introducing new, legally compliant food products.

This edition has been updated in terms of the Food Safety Modernization Act and adds a chapter on pet food. New in this edition are sections on innovation software, emerging food pathogens, the Food Safety Plan, FDA information on labeling and additives as well as Certificates of Analysis and Letters of Guarantee. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

The contents cover all facets of product development from market research to packaging, labeling, shelf-life and distribution.

The book also offers tools for market and break-even analysis, as well as extensive chapters on how food ingredients/additives are assessed and foods are processed, placing product development in the context of chemistry, microbiology and food engineering. Organizational, technical, legal and cost factors are explained in ways that can be applied by development teams.

The book’s highlights include:

  • Updated and expanded with new materials and chapter, guidance documents, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements, FDA labeling calculations and more
  • Practical information for product development personnel on ideation sessions, reverse engineering, test panels, cost analysis – from concept to store shelf

  • Connects marketing, concepts, prototyping, processing and regulation
  • Designed for university courses and company training