Petnet, a California-based provider of personalized pet feeding, launched SmartDelivery, a service that brings pet food to SmartFeeder and SmartBowl users’ doorsteps.

When setting up the SmartFeeder or SmartBowl, pet owners use the Petnet app to select the type of food their dog or cat eats. If that recipe is one of Petnet’s currently stocked brands, users can choose to have that food automatically delivered to their doorstep every seven to 60 days. The Petnet app can determine the optimal delivery schedule based on a pet’s targeted daily food consumption and the calorie density of the pet’s food, said Petnet company officials.

Petnet has partnered with Petco to leverage the retailer’s existing infrastructure and US distribution facilities to power SmartDelivery. Petnet currently offers more than 1,500 pet foods for SmartDelivery, including Orijen and Blue Buffalo, with additional brands being added regularly.

Petnet offers SmartDelivery users their first three bags of pet food free, helping to subsidize the cost of the SmartFeeder (US$149) or SmartBowl (US$49).

Fighting pet obesity with technology

A recent study by Banfield Hospital found that over the past 10 years, pet obesity diagnoses have increased 169 percent in cats and 158 percent in dogs. Dogs and cats that are overweight or obese are predisposed to complications like hyperthyroidism, oral disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and some forms of cancer. Petnet’s products and services are designed to help pet owners make healthier feeding choices for their pets.

The free Petnet app (iOS/Android) calculates the recommended daily calorie intake for pets based on details like age, weight, activity level, breed and food type. In conjunction with the app, the SmartFeeder and SmartBowl enable owners to customize their pet’s feedings, discover insights about their pet’s eating habits and make informed decisions about their pet’s health. With the SmartFeeder, pet owners can also create a customized feeding schedule for their dog or cat.

The success of pet food delivery services

As pet food ecommerce grows, more consumers want the convenience of home delivery, and Petnet is not the first company to capitalize off the demand.  

Farmer’s Dog, an internet-based dog food home delivery service based in New York City, was initially founded by Brett Podolsky in an effort to allow pet owners more control over their dog’s diet. The company's delivery service has prompted rapid internet-based sales growth.

The Farmer’s Dog website has a questionnaire that allows dog owners to fine-tune a meal option to their dog’s needs. Once a user selects the customized dog food, it’s prepared, cooked, frozen and shipped to their door within one week. A subscription service keeps track of the pre-portioned dog food and automatically sends a fresh batch when a user needs it.