PetDine, LLC, is moving from a 20,000 square feet manufacturing plant to a building more than ten times that size. According to PetDine, the move will make the company the largest pet food manufacturer in North America.

PetDine is a full-service, private label co-packer for the pet industry, producing hundreds of lines of pet treats from over two hundred high-quality ingredients, in formulations that are unique to each client. The new facility will carry several certifications, including SQF level 3. 

The new 220,000 square feet building is located in Harvard, Illinois, close to ingredient and transportation supply sources. The company owners, Preston and Ken Munsch and Kurt Stricker, acquired the 55 year-old company, including its exclusive formulas and proprietary technology, in 2015.

PetDine’s pet food production process

PetDine’s production process is distinctive in that, unlike most pet treat and kibble manufactures, PetDine uses no water, which can produce mold, and no heat, which can change the integrity, viability and structure of the food. The company’s products are free of corn, wheat, sugars, salts, excipients, binding or gumming agents and artificial colors.

“We pride ourselves on our quality control from the time the ingredients get to our facility to the finished product,” said Preston Munsch in a press release. “Every single product we produce goes through a full micro analysis test, performed by an independent, third party lab, testing for toxins. This extensive process enables us to make the most highly functional and palatable pet products, assuring every chew that leaves our facility is of the highest quality.”

Staying competitive in the manufacturing industry

The Munschs and Stricker have a combined 100 years of experience in the pet industry. Preston specializes in creating pet products. Kurt is a third-generation baker and sole proprietor of Pedigree Ovens, and Ken Munsch is an inductee of the American Feed Industry Hall of Fame.

“As a pet industry consultant and product developer for over 15 years, I knew the importance of owning and controlling manufacturing," said Preston Munsch. "In just two years of owning PetDine, the results have exceeded our expectations. By leveraging capabilities, improving processes, tapping into our industry connections and expanding our breadth of offerings to current customers, we are generating dozens of inbound leads per week. The manufacturing world is getting smaller and smaller. It’s expensive to manufacture and expensive to earn certification. But our flexibility enables us to work with small or big companies. And we are pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished.”