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Petcurean's second annual Uplift The Underdog contest expands

As part of its commitment to putting pets first, premium pet food manufacturer, Petcurean, is excited to announce its second annual "Uplift the Underdog" contest. The contest's goal is to help raise awareness and increase adoption opportunities for "underdogs" – those dogs in shelters who are often overlooked due to age, medical conditions, or other issues. Three categories in the contest will yield even greater awareness for finalists this year.

Each year, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide and nearly 700,000 are euthanized, despite research showing that the majority are healthy and could have been adopted1. By inspiring people to focus on the amazing heart and spirit of underdogs, rather than their "so-called imperfections," the "Uplift the Underdog" contest will help these loveable shelter dogs find their forever homes.

This year's contest is an evolution of the company's "Uplift the Underdog" contest held last spring. Rescue groups and shelters are encouraged to enter their most overlooked dogs who fall in one of three categories: those who have medical or physical challenges, those with behavior or emotional issues, or those who are super seniors. The contest is open to all rescues and shelters across the United States and Canada now through April 14, 2019.

"There are so many amazing dogs that are just waiting for their chance to be adopted, but due to stereotypes associated with shelter pets, particularly ones who are not considered 'perfect,' they're overlooked time and time again," said Christine Mallier, PR & Community Relations Manager at Petcurean. "Our hope is that the 'Uplift the Underdog' contest will not only encourage people to adopt these deserving dogs but that it will also raise awareness for the groups that are working so hard to support the displaced animals in their communities."

After completing the online nomination form, six finalists will move to the next round for each of the three categories. Beginning on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30), consumers can vote for their favorite dog in each category through Petcurean's website. The dogs in each category that receive the most votes within one week will be named category winners on May 7.

Prizing details:

  • 5-year supply of Petcurean dog food to each category winner
  • Adoption fee paid for by Petcurean for any finalist that gets adopted before the end of 2019
  • 1-year supply of Petcurean dog food to any finalist that gets adopted before the end of 2019
  • 500-pound donation of Petcurean pet food to all finalist shelters
  • Makeover grooming session for all finalists

For more information on Petcurean's "Uplift the Underdog" contest and to enter, visit Eligibility restrictions apply. Entry is open now through April 14.

¹ ASPCA Shelter Intake and Surrender Pet Statistics

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