Superpower Dogs reveal working dog diets at film premiere

Mediterranean rescue dog film-star eats light on workdays

Pilenga feeds Reef premium dry dog food with a bit of water, not much just enough to moisten it.

Heroism runs in the family for working dog Reef, a water rescue training Newfoundland working in the Mediterranean Sea around Milan, Italy. Her grandfather saved Ferruccio Pilenga’s daughter from drowning. Pilenga founded of the Scuola Italiana di Cani Salvataggio (Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs). Reef starred in the IMAX film “Superpower Dogs.”

Now, Reef helps train other dogs how to save people from drowning along beaches or after boating accidents, even in dangerous, challenging waters far from shore. Reef can deploy from a boat or helicopter, swim for miles without tiring and tow up to 40 times her own weight in the water.

To keep up her strength, Pilenga feeds her three times each day, he told Petfood Industry. However, the size of her meal depends on the work she is doing. When she’s going to be out saving lives, he feeds her less, since a full gut and jumping into turbulent seas from a helicopter don’t go well together.

Pilenga feeds Reef premium dry dog food with a bit of water, not much just enough to moisten it.

Dog diet routines of Superpower Dogs film stars

The stars of the IMAX film “Superpower Dogs” walked the red carpet at the premiere of the 3-D movie in Los Angeles on March 9. From alpine rescuer Henry the Border Collie to therapist surfer Ricochet the Golden Retriever, the dogs lived heroic lives. The movie told their stories, while following the training of one Dutch Shepherd, Halo, from birth to certification as a disaster rescue dog.

To fuel their active lifestyles, the dogs ate a variety of diets, according to the people who accompanied them to the premiere.

Mars Petcare sponsored the IMAX film, which was produced in collaboration with various working dog groups.