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PureForm launches earth-friendly packaging

PureForm Pet Health Supplements, based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, was the first in their industry to introduce biodegradable canisters and compostable shipping materials. Concerns of global consumption and emissions are on the rise and PureForm Pet Health is now leading the competition to give consumers what they expect from a company today: environmental responsibility.

The transformation was led by the founders' daughter, Lindsay Saggu, VP of marketing and brand development, who in 2017 began advocating zero-waste and sustainability solutions aiming at a greener future for the company. PureForm partnered with Quebec based companies, Deschamps Impression and Canfab Packaging, to execute the first steps towards their vision with composite cans.

Saggu said, "Our new biodegradable canister sports a glassine/wax interior which is more porous than a plastic jar, so we've included a compostable bag and desiccants to maximize freshness and shelf-life. The lid and base are still only recyclable but we're working towards being completely compostable. Today, sustainable packaging may definitely cost us more but we see it as an investment in the planet, the people and their pets.

"Our goal has always been to educate pet owners, especially on the benefits of a nutritionally balanced pet food topper for overall health and well-being, now we get the bonus of encouraging the well-being of the Earth too! After all, we manufacture and distribute preventative pet supplements 'for the proactive pet parent', it only makes sense for our company principles to be aligned with proactivity as well."

The new, eco-friendly look was received with enthusiasm when showcased at PIJAC (the pet industry trade show) this past September. PureForm Pet Health Supplements are used and endorsed by award-winning canine agility and sport teams, and world-class breeders and show dogs.

The supplements are available in stores across Canada and on its website Global expansion is underway, with product already on the market in South Korea at

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