PremieRpet champions pet adoption at 2024 Rio Open

This is the seventh consecutive year the brand has supported this cause.

PremieRpet, known for pioneering super-premium pet food in Brazil, proudly sponsored six adoptable "CĂŁoDulas" at the 2024 Rio Open, continuing its commitment to promoting pet adoption. This marks the seventh consecutive year the brand has supported this cause at South America's largest tennis tournament.

Representing countless pets awaiting forever homes, the CãoDulas—Lobinha, Mila, Nico, Ursula, Tigrinha, and Pantera—shared the spotlight with top tennis players. As part of the tournament, these remarkable "ball dogs" retrieved stray tennis balls and even participated in a special game with athletes.

PremieRpet's journey in caring for abandoned pets began when it opened its new facility, where it encountered numerous animals left on its doorstep, including the six CãoDulas. In response, the company established a kennel within its expansive facility, providing ample space for exercise and play. The dogs receive dedicated care from a team of professionals, including animal behavior specialist Ana Lucia Baldan, PhD, from The Federal University of Paraná and a partner of the PremieRpet Institute.

Fernando Maluf, VP of international sales at Natoo, expressed confidence that each of these remarkable animals will soon find loving homes. Indeed, following the Rio Open, Lobinha, Mila, Nico and Ursula found loving families. Tigrinha, Pantera and other rescued dogs are still available for adoption through Hyppet, a partner of the PremieRpet Institute.

Since 2016, the CĂŁoDulas have highlighted the importance of pet adoption, showcasing its unwavering companionship and joy. In addition to sponsoring pups at the Rio Open, PremieRpet's U.S. company, Natoo, regularly donates food and treats to a local pet adoption center, providing vital support to animals in need.

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