Catit supporting sustainability for Earth Month

Its eco-friendly pet food packaging is available in both wet food and dry food options.

As part of Earth Month initiatives, pet brand Catit unveils sustainable packaging options for eco-conscious pet owners, spotlighting its wet food range, Catit Cuisine, and dry food range, Catit Recipes.

Catit Cuisine

Catit Cuisine offers a variety of options, from gourmet pâtés and mousses to nourishing stews, made with fresh and natural ingredients. The new wet food range is now available in Tetra Pak cartons, providing a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pouches. Each Tetra Pak carton holds up to 25% more food than average cat food pouches or cans. These boxes are easy to open, resealable and made of 70% renewable FSC-certified paperboard, ensuring recyclability and a lower carbon footprint.

Catit Recipes

Catit Recipes dry food range, available in three flavor options, offers complete daily nutrition without additives, ideal for free feeding. Prepared at a climate-neutral facility, the kibbles meet the highest international standards for food quality and hygiene. Catit utilizes LDPE4 recyclable packaging for Catit Recipes, ensuring ease of recycling at most supermarkets, recycling centers or kerbside recycling bins.

Paul Trott, UK marketing manager for Catit, states, “Catit is dedicated to showcasing planet-friendly production and packaging options, contributing to environmental conservation one pawprint at a time, both during Earth Month and beyond.”

Both ranges are now available online.

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