ProAmpac attending Petfood Forum 2024

The company will feature five new packaging methods.

ProAmpac, a global leader in flexible packaging and material science, is set to showcase its latest sustainable packaging solutions at Petfood Forum 2024. Among the innovations featured are:

  1. PRO-EVO Recyclable: A pre-qualified curbside recyclable multi-wall SOS bag with patent-pending platforms offering superior grease resistance and moisture barrier

  2. QUADFLEX Recyclable: A pre-qualified recyclable pouch combining QUADFLEX durability with patented ProActive Recyclable R-2050 film structures, featuring five branding panels, high dimpling resistance, excellent directional tear and easy-open features

  3. ProActive Recycle Ready RT-4000: A patent-pending, ultra-high barrier polypropylene-based solution designed for aggressive retort conditions, serving as a recycle-ready alternative to foil-based laminates for pet and human food

  4. R-2050 Film Platforms: Engineered replacements for conventional films, optimized for high-speed form/fill/seal equipment with superior puncture resistance for various pet treat applications

  5. ProActive PCR: Incorporating Post-Consumer Recycled content to support sustainability efforts by reducing the need for virgin materials and promoting circular economy principles

Nicole Cocuzzi, ProAmpac's product development manager, underscores the company's commitment to assisting pet brands in achieving sustainability goals, while maintaining performance and aesthetics. ProAmpac also offers sustainable packaging education and collaboration through its ProActive Sustainability platform.

Visit Booth 2002 at Petfood Forum 2024 to explore these innovative packaging solutions or contact ProAmpac at [email protected] for more information.

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