The novel COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is affecting every business and industry, including pet food, around the world. While data show pet food sales are currently rising as consumers stock up to shelter at home with their pets, that upswing in demand is likely causing problems in terms of consistent supplies of ingredients and other materials, especially as the pandemic and government responses to it slow business operations and distribution of supplies and products.

Worker shortages due to illness or government-mandated shutdowns may exacerbate the situation for some companies, despite many governments naming pet food manufacturing facilities and pet stores as essential businesses that need to stay open. In addition, fast-changing developments and announcements make it difficult for businesses to plan and respond to this crisis.

How is your pet food business faring?

This is certainly a time when businesses have to adapt very quickly to markedly changed, and rapidly evolving, circumstances. We want to know how yours is coping.

Do you have the information you need to keep your business running and operating at full capacity? Are clients and partners facilitating or hindering? Are staff able to adapt to changed working conditions? Are you able to produce enough pet food products to meet consumer demand and ensure the products get into consumer hands at retail?

Petfood Industry has developed a short survey to find out the experiences of the global industry, help identify the main pain points and learn what pet food businesses need during the current crisis.

Please take a few minutes to share your experiences by clicking on the link below and filling out the brief questionnaire. All responses will be anonymous, and we will share the aggregate results with the global industry – including possibly on a regular basis as the crisis continues to evolve. We may repeat the survey in the future to track changes, if any, in how the global pet food industry is coping.

Take the Petfood Industry COVID-19 survey. Please completely it by April 7; then watch for the results in an article by April 15.