Rondo Food invests in new administration building

Krefeld company Rondo Food has constructed a new building on its premises.

Krefeld company Rondo Food has constructed a new building on its premises. With this development, the company has re-established itself for the future, according to Rondo Food.

Administration departments and sales for the whole of the company group are located at the Krefeld site, and all the central functions such as purchasing, financial accounting and human resources converge at this site. “In the past, there wasn’t a free desk and our capacities were all utilized,” said Managing Director Dirk Wellen. “Our old 1970s building hadn’t been sufficient to meet the demands that the modern working day places on our staff for some time. There was also a need for modernization in several areas; for example, window insulation and the IT infrastructure."

The company has invested US$4 million in a new, modern administration building that was completed in August 2014. After a 10-month building phase, the three managing directors and all staff were able to move into the new building. In the new building there are only a few individual offices, allowing for more open-plan offices with zones for working together to realize more intensive communication and teamwork, according to the company.

The new administration wing has been constructed in front of the old building. In a second building phase the existing old building will be disassembled and a new two-story building will be built in its place. The new home for some members of staff, for example from the purchasing and sales services departments, will be in that new building. Additional social rooms will be constructed in the then available free areas. All of the departments closely linked with production, such as product development and quality assurance, that were previously located in a different area on the premises, are now under one roof. All building work should be completed in the spring of 2015.

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