Petfood Forum Europe focuses on functional ingredients

Learn about functional pet food ingredients like prebiotics and nutrition for senior dogs’ cognition, plus protein, freeze-dried pet food and more.

photo by Posinote | BigStockPhoto
photo by Posinote | BigStockPhoto

Research on pet food ingredients with prebiotics to address pet obesity, antioxidants to combat cognitive decline in older dogs and eggshell membrane to treat canine hip dysplasia highlight the sessions during Petfood Forum Europe on June 13 in Cologne, Germany. Additional ingredient-related sessions will cover protein and trace minerals in pet foods, plus pet owners’ nutritional knowledge of pet foods.

Part of the new FVG Select, a networking event organized and hosted by Victam at the Koelnmesse, Petfood Forum Europe will also feature industry experts addressing the European and global pet food markets, freeze-dried pet foods, processing flexibility to meet new pet food trends and dryer automation for energy efficiency.

Unique networking opportunities

Besides Petfood Forum Europe, FVG Select will include other industry-specific conferences, such as FIAAP Animal Nutrition, plus matchmaking with colleagues and clients from throughout these important industry sectors. There will also be a small industry expo for a select group of companies. The matchmaking program features an online tool that allows participants to plan appointments efficiently and focus on the meetings during FVG Select 2017.

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Petfood Forum Europe program

As of press time, the following was scheduled for June 13 in Cologne:

8:00-9:00              Registration and check-in, coffee available at 8:30

9:00-9:10              Welcome

9:10-10:00           Opening session: Update on sales, trends and innovations for the global and European pet food markets – Paula Flores, global head of pet care research for Euromonitor International, provides an overview of markets in Western and Eastern Europe, relative to the global market, and the latest pet food innovations and trends to watch.

10:00-10:30         Understanding pet owners and their nutritional knowledge – Sarah-Jane Godfrey, technical marketing manager for DSM Nutritional Products, presents results from an exclusive study conducted in the EU (UK, Spain and Germany) investigating which ingredients and benefits pet owners are familiar with, including differences in their attitudes and nutritional understanding.

10:30-11:00         Coffee break, FVG Select expo floor

11:00-11:30         Tackling dogs’ age-related cognitive decline with polyphenols – Anne LePoudere, R&D manager for Vivae-Diana Pet Food, describes a long-term study on a combination of polyphenols from blueberry and grape extract, specifically formulated for its antioxidant properties, to demonstrate the metabolic efficacy of this mix and its benefits on older dogs’ cognitive abilities.

11:30-12:00       Are you ready for the next pet food trend? – Galen Rokey, director of process technology, Companion Animal Division of Wenger Manufacturing, explains multiple pet food trends and what pet food manufacturers require of their processing systems to flex enough to meet these market demands.

12:00-13:00         Buffet lunch, FVG Select expo floor

13:00-13:30       Protein in pet food: high, low – which way should you go? – Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, senior nutritionist for Petcurean, presents the advantages and disadvantage of high-protein diets for healthy pets based on the latest research and discusses the health conditions for which a high- or low-protein diet may be recommended or contraindicated.

13:30-14:00       The freeze-dried phenomenon: next stop Europe – Calvin Smith, director of Pet Nutrition NZ, offers insights on new product development in freeze-dried pet food and the many unique characteristics of these products that require careful consideration when launching into this niche.

14:00-14:30         Effects of prebiotic, inulin-type fructans in overweight dogs – Franka Neumer, PhD, manager of nutrition science for Beneo, shares results of a study to investigate the “second-meal effect” of a prebiotic blend of inulin-type fructans in curbing postprandial glycemic responses as a possible weapon in the fight against pet obesity.

14:30-15:00         Increasing pet food process energy efficiency with dryer automation – Anders Haubjerg, PhD, senior engineer, technology and business development, for Graintec A/S, discusses how implementing dryer automation in extruded pet food production can help you realize annual savings in the processing phase that accounts for almost 50 percent of total energy consumption.

15:00-15:30         Coffee break, FVG Select expo floor

15:45-16:15         Novel ingredient to treat hip dysplasia in dogs – Erena Gil-Quintana, PhD, quality and R&D technician for Eggnovo SL, describes a study conducted on arthritic dogs to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of a potential new ingredient, eggshell membrane, and determine its tolerability and safety.

16:15-16:45         Tracing the mineral profile of dry dog food to support formulation decisions – Ana Margarida Pereira, PhD student at University of Porto, shares results of research to compare measured minerals in dry dog foods to the legal limits, product labeled values and the dog’s nutritional requirements.

17:15-19:00         Reception, FVG Select expo floor


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