Top 5 most searched-for pet food ingredients of 2017

The article with the most page views about that ingredient is included too.

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In 2017, Petfood Industry readers searched for these five ingredients the most number of times using the website’s search function. The five dog, cat and other pet food ingredients are listed in order of searches. The article with the most page views about that ingredient is included too.

1. Insect

Insect farm founded to make sustainable pet food protein

BĂĽhler, a pet food and feed industry supplier, and Protix, an insect production company, have founded BĂĽhler Insect Technology Solutions, which will develop scalable, industrial solutions for the rearing and processing of insects to provide novel protein sources for livestock, human and pet food. BĂĽhler Insect Technology Solutions is located in China and has already begun operations.

2. Potato

Scientists study how cats digest carbohydrates

If you’ve ever eaten a rodent, you know they aren’t sweet or starchy, meaning they are low in carbohydrates. Cat’s wild ancestors didn’t get many carbs from their small mammal and birds diets. Before the rise of the pet food industry, domesticated cats didn’t eat many grains or sugars either, and their biology seems to reflect this. However, that doesn’t mean cats can’t handle some carbohydrates in their diets.

3. Turkey

3 common pet food ingredients originated in Latin America

As Mexican and other Latin American dog and cat food markets continue to grow and embrace premium and superpremium pet foods, many of the ingredients used in those foods are no strangers to the lands where Native Americans first domesticated them. These three common kibble components have Latin American roots.

4. Fish

UK firm expands fish-based pet food exports to China

Companies across the globe are looking to share in China’s recent pet food boom, but tapping into the country’s market is a delicate business move. Fish4Dogs, a UK-based firm specializing in fish-based pet food, has seen significant sales growth after investing in the Chinese market.

5. Hemp

Hemp seed oil in dog food processing technology developed

Research suggests that Naturally Splendid Enterprises’ proprietary encapsulation process may protect the omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins in hemp seed oil during the dog food manufacturing process. The research on Hemp seed oil in dog food was conducted at the Food Science and Technology Centre in Alberta, Canada.

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