Petfood Forum 2018 announces “Petfood Forum 101” for first-time attendees, exhibitors

Series will provide insights from show organizers and long-time industry participants on how to get the most out of Petfood Forum.

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Petfood Forum 101 is a first-time show attendee and exhibitor program for Petfood Forum USA. | Tess Stukenberg
Petfood Forum 101 is a first-time show attendee and exhibitor program for Petfood Forum USA. | Tess Stukenberg

In the weeks leading up to Petfood Forum 2018, Petfood Industry will present a series of insights on how first-time attendees and exhibitors can get the most out of this annual global conference and tradeshow, collectively called Petfood Forum 101.

Petfood Forum 2018 will be held April 23–25, 2018, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Petfood Forum 101: Getting the most out of your experience

Petfood Forum 101” aims to highlight all the ways to get the most out of your time at the show if you’re attending or exhibiting for the first time. Returning attendees or exhibitors should also tune in for new insights, ideas and opportunities for the 2018 show.

Highlights will include show overviews as well as deeper dives into particular elements of Petfood Forum, including the tradeshow, educational sessions and, most popularly, networking opportunities. Long-time Petfood Forum attendees and exhibitors will provide insights on how to make the most of your first show, and discuss tips and tricks for ensuring your visit is as productive and enjoyable as possible, whether it’s your first time attending or you’ve been an exhibitor for years.

Petfood Forum 101 topic highlights

  • What is Petfood Forum?
  • Why should you attend Petfood Forum?
  • Efficient and effective pre-show planning so you can hit the ground running in Kansas City.
  • Networking: How you can get the most out of the myriad opportunities at Petfood Forum.
  • Learning opportunities: What the Petfood Forum educational tracks are all about, and how you can benefit most.
  • Are you a first-time exhibitor? Special tips and tricks for exhibiting at Petfood Forum for the first time.

How can I learn more about Petfood Forum 101?

The Petfood Forum 101 program will begin on February 5, 2018, with the topic, “What is Petfood Forum all about?” Content will be available on and, and will hit your inbox via related Petfood Forum communications.

For any questions about Petfood Forum 101, please contact Lindsay Beaton, managing editor of Petfood Industry magazine, at [email protected].

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