Dogs Plate launches wet dog food with insect protein

Dogs Plate, a Polish pet food company, is introducing dog foods with insect protein and other new pet foods for pets with specific health conditions.

Polish pet food producer Dogs Plate is growing its portfolio with a range of new insect protein-based products.
Polish pet food producer Dogs Plate is growing its portfolio with a range of new insect protein-based products.
Courtesy of Dogs Plate

Polish pet food company Dogs Plate has introduced a new range of wet dog food products with insect protein. The market response in Poland to this product line has been very positive, according to the company, and it is now planning to launch export sales to a number of European markets.

“We are also performing research and development work on similar products for cats, but compared with dogs, it is more difficult to develop recipes that they will enjoy,” said Monika Sankowska, production manager at Dogs Plate. “Regarding our export plans, our focus will most likely be on Western Europe as these markets are showing a rapidly rising interest in insect-based pet food.”

The company is headquartered in Swarzędz, in Poland’s western part, and operates a production facility in Poznań, about 12 kilometers from its offices.

Insect protein sourced in Poland

For this new line of products, Dogs Plate sources raw materials from Polish insect-based protein producer HiProMine. In 2021, that company secured about PLN 26.1 million (US$6.7 million) in funding from a total of 40 investors, enabling HiProMine to finance its further expansion as a protein supplier to the European pet food industry.

Damian Józefiak, president of the company’s management board and its co-founder, told at the time that 70% of HiProMine’s production was exported, mainly to pet food and feed producers from Germany, the UK and Scandinavia.

The remainder of HiProMine’s supplies goes to domestic companies. “In our production process, we use the insect-based protein paste and mix it with other ingredients, such as vegetables and supplements, to create a quality product that pets can enjoy,” said Sankowska of Dogs Plate.

New pet food products for vulnerable pets

Meanwhile, in addition to its insect-based dog food, the company is also developing other products to cater to the needs of vulnerable pets, she said.

“Most recently, we also introduced a new line of pet food for animals who suffer from liver and kidney diseases, as well as allergies, and these products are selling very well. We will work to further expand this product range in the near future,” Sankowska said.

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