Alphia to make Halo brand superpremium pet foods

Alphia is a portfolio company of J. H. Whitney Capital Partners, a Connecticut, USA-based private-equity firm.

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Adapted from a press release:

Alphia, a custom manufacturer of superpremium pet food in the United States, formed a long-term strategic manufacturing partnership with Better Choice Company, a pet health and wellness company. Along with a US$5 million investment made by Alphia into Better Choice, Alphia will become the manufacturer for its premier brand, Halo, a superpremium pet food brand found in pet specialty stores.

"We respect the Halo brand, and look forward to fueling their growth to feed more pets,” David McLain, CEO of Alphia, said in a press release.

"With this strategic investment into Better Choice as well as a multi-year manufacturing partnership with leading premium pet manufacturer, Alphia, Better Choice is in an excellent position to grow the Halo brand with a strong partner," Michael Young, chairman of Better Choice, said in a press release.

Alphia may be sold for more than US$1 Bil

In May, Reuters reported that executives for pet food manufacturer Alphia may be looking to sell the company for more than US$1 billion, citing an anonymous source. Alphia is working with investment bank Goldman Sachs Group to explore this potential sale. However, the source stated that no deal is certain.

About pet food maker Alphia

Alphia is a portfolio company of J. H. Whitney Capital Partners, a Connecticut, USA-based private-equity firm, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Companies Current Data. Alphia works with pet food brands as a co-manufacturer and retailers looking to develop, revise or expand their pet food brands. Alphia can produce dry dog and cat food, dog treats, canned dog and cat food and pet bird food. It has the capacity to manufacture more than 1 billion pounds of pet food and treats annually. The company also includes subsidiaries LANI (formerly Lortscher’s Animal Nutrition) and Veracity Logistics.

Alphia, a custom manufacturer of superpremium pet food based in the United States., resulted from the 2020 merger of C.J. Foods and American Nutrition. The combined company employs approximately 800 people. Alphia makes a portfolio of pet food and treats. The company has a national footprint of 10 locations across 6 states. The company manufactures more than one billion pounds of dry, canned and baked pet food and treats annually.

J. H. Whitney Capital Partners (JHW) has owned C.J. Foods since 2014 and acquired Lortscher's Animal Nutrition (now LANI) in 2018. JHW has invested in more than 400 companies since formation and currently manages approximately US$1.0 billion in private capital. JHW remains privately owned by its investing professionals and focused on three primary sectors: consumer, healthcare and specialty manufacturing. 

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