Ollie partners to launch ice cream for dogs

The peanut butter and banana pint will be available at Van Leeuwen scoop shops, Petco and myollie.com starting May 21.

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Van Leeuwen and Ollie collaborated to create a signature peanut butter and banana ice cream recipe for dogs.
Van Leeuwen and Ollie collaborated to create a signature peanut butter and banana ice cream recipe for dogs.
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, a Brooklyn-born ice cream brand known for its made-from-scratch dairy and vegan ice cream, has teamed up with fresh, human-grade dog food brand Ollie to launch its first-ever ice cream for dogs.

The new offering is available starting May 21 at Van Leeuwen scoop shops across the country, as well as at most Petco locations nationally and online at petco.com to buy online or for pick-up in-store orders. Additionally, Ollie subscribers can add this tasty delight to their orders, and those who join an Ollie subscription from June 3-13 will receive a free pint with their purchase.

This partnership underscores the mission both Ollie and Van Leeuwen have to deliver delicious food made with simple, premium ingredients that contribute to a happy life. All dog owners can feel good about sharing this summer treat with their pups knowing this new flavor uses all dog-safe, premium ingredients that meet both Ollie and Van Leeuwen’s quality standards, Nicole Sumner, brand director at Ollie, told Petfood Industry.

"This is a collaboration between two A-teams: the dog nutrition experts at Ollie and the ice cream geniuses at Van Leeuwen," said Sumner. "With superior quality being the shared obsession between the two brands, you can expect the finished product to be nothing short of the best — the best ingredients and the best experience. We truly took the best of both of our worlds and created something we know will bring joy to both dogs and their humans. The result is a luxurious vegan ice cream that tastes indulgent and takes into account the uniquely sensitive senses of dogs."

Peanut butter and banana recipe

Van Leeuwen and Ollie collaborated to create a signature peanut butter and banana recipe that pups will love. The non-dairy ice cream is sweet and salty, featuring swirls of drool-worthy peanut butter and gets the bark of approval.

"Ice cream is a delightful indulgence, and we wanted to share that joy with our dogs," said Sumner. "So we took tasty ingredients that dogs love – peanut butter and bananas–and added them to an oat milk and coconut cream-based vegan ice cream. We avoided the dairy ingredients found in traditional ice cream (those can upset some pups’ tummies) and balanced the sugar and protein levels to create a frozen treat that delights dogs while still keeping health in mind. Our taste testers  – both human and dog – were thrilled with the result, and we think you will be too."

To celebrate the launch, Van Leeuwen and Ollie are hosting a series of ice cream truck events in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego.. The events will feature complimentary tastings of the new ice cream for all dogs, as well as free scoops of Van Leeuwen favorites for humans.

"We’re excited to partner with Ollie to create an extra special treat for pups,” said Ben Van Leeuwen, Van Leeuwen cofounder and CEO. “It’s the perfect flavor combo. My dog Hachi and our office dogs taste-tested it and could not get enough of it.”

At Ollie, quality is always top of mind, said Nick Stafford, Ollie CEO.

“Not just when it comes to sourcing our fresh ingredients, but also the quality of our dogs’ lives,” Stafford added. “We wholeheartedly agree with Van Leeuwen that happiness is healthiness, which is why we put just as much love and care into our treats as we do our main meals. We want dogs to live long, healthy lives filled with the joy and adoration they deserve, fueled by the nutrition they need. I am beyond thrilled about this collaboration, which will bring even more enjoyment to our beloved dogs."

When asked by Petfood Industry if other flavors might be introduced soon, Sumner said, "If it sparks joy, it's never out of the question. No official plans yet, but stay tuned!"

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