Fish4Dogs supports hearing dogs at UK theatre performance

Volunteers from Fish4Dogs looked after hearing dogs in a doggy crèche at a theatre performance in Birmingham, UK.

The Fish4Dogs team meets new friends in the doggy crèche. | Photo by John James
The Fish4Dogs team meets new friends in the doggy crèche. | Photo by John James

A doggy crèche took centre stage at a special theatre performance of "The Hundred And One Dalmatians" in Birmingham when volunteers from Fish4Dogs looked after some four-legged guests.

The stars of the show were a mix of breeds with very special skills: hearing dogs for deaf people, who had accompanied their owners to a British Sign Language interpreted and captioned performance of the show at Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Fish4Dogs, a premium dog food and treats producer, sponsored this production at the REP and provided hands-on support for the facility, which allowed owners to leave their dogs in the creche during the two-hour, 20-minute performance.

The creche was created in the theatre’s foyer, complete with cushions and animal print throws, where nine dogs were pampered with two-to-one care. Expert handlers from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People joined the Fish4Dogs team to ensure the dogs would receive all the play and attention they desired.

Fish4Dogs also provided the dogs with fleece blankets and ‘doggy bags’ of goodies for their owners to take home afterwards.

“These dogs make such a difference to their lives of their owners,” said Jo Little, marketing manager of Fish4Dogs, in a press release. “They are dedicated companions and helpers who are highly trained to assist people through an isolating disability by being their ears in the home and in public places.”

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