Trupanion proprietary data shows feline respiratory claims remain static

Trupanion reports feline respiratory claims in North America remain static.

Recent reports of a tiger testing positive for COVID-19 at the Bronx Zoo have created concern among the pet owning public about what this means for their pets.  Leading provider of medical insurance for pets, Trupanion, reports feline respiratory claims in North America remain static. Over its 20 year history, Trupanion has amassed the claims history from over 1.5 million pets that can be used real-time to interpret or extrapolate trends in pet health.

Margi Tooth, Chief Revenue Officer of Trupanion noted, “As the authority in our space, times like these are when Trupanion can step up to help find data-driven answers and be a source of reliable information for all of the animals we love and protect.”

Trupanion’s Analytics team, dedicated entirely to animal health data analysis and consisting of 5 actuaries and 9 data analysts, continues to monitor real time data, identifying unusual patterns in claims activity, including claims related to respiratory illnesses. Apart from normal seasonal fluctuations, the charts below highlight no significant changes in respiratory claims, as a percentage of all claims, over the last 3 months.

“We continue to monitor claims at a granular level, extrapolating insights that can be used, as needed, to inform pet owners, veterinarians and the animal health community at large,” said Mary Rothlisberger, Vice President of Analytics at Trupanion.  â€śWhile we do see normal seasonal fluctuations, our data suggests that frequency of respiratory related claims remains consistent, both countrywide and in high impact areas such as Washington, California and New York.”

Trupanion’s data is consistent with reports from industry leaders including IDEXX, The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which reports no evidence of COVID-19 spread in pets. 

Through Trupanion’s veterinary software and partnerships with many of the animal health industry’s leading players, Trupanion has access to real time data before pets even leave the hospital as well as qualitative insights from the veterinary profession.  This combination of data, coupled with the unique field-force footprint of the Trupanion Territory Partners based nationally, presents a clear view of the nation’s pet health.

Interviews available
Trupanion's Chief Veterinary Officer and COVID Council member, Dr. Steve Weinrauch, BVMS, MRCVS and Vice President of Analytics, Mary Rothlisberger, ACAS remain available to share COVID-related insights or to provide context regarding pet health data as it relates to the extensive Trupanion database of over half a million pets. Please contact [email protected] for scheduling.


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