Galam obtains approval to market FOS prebiotic fiber

Galam cleared to market and import its short-chain FOS in China.

Galam, a global manufacturer of ingredients for the food and animal nutrition industries, has recently been approved by the Chinese ministry of agriculture to import and market its short-chain FOS (branded as GOFOS) to the pet food and animal feed industries in China.

Galam has started the production of GOFOS last year in two new production plants, both with a strict quality control system and a capacity of thousands of tons.  
The plant located in Israel specializes in powder FOS production and exports worldwide (including to China) while the plant in Spain specializes in liquid FOS production to support the demand of the European market. 

According to Mr. Liad Cohen, CEO at Galam, “Based on the vast technological experience that Galam has obtained over the years and our understanding of the market, Galam invested $20M in state-of-the-art new facilities. The world’s demand for prebiotic fibers in general and FOS in particular is rapidly increasing and Galam is working on being a major supplier of high quality sc-FOS in this growing worldwide market.”

The Benefits of Sc-FOS prebiotic fiber 

Sc-FOS is one of the most researched prebiotics, with supported scientific evidence demonstrating that daily consumption brings about a range of health benefits by providing balanced gut microbiota resulting in wellbeing in both humans and animals.

Dr. Fernando Schved, VP R&D, Support & CSO at Galam says, “Short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS) are one group of strong prebiotics highly known and documented for their beneficial roles in colon wellbeing. 

The shorter oligosaccharides consisting of sc-FOS have been documented to be effectively fermented thus providing a proven prebiotic effect at lower doses.
In pets food, sc-FOS support gut health, improve digestion, reduce odors & diarrhea, and enhance the immune system. It is also used as a feed ingredient, in premixes and feeds of many farm animals such as chickens, swine, calves and aquaculture”.

Expansion in China

According to Mr. Enav Shimshi, East-Asia Sales Manager, Galam is already supplying for many years ingredients to the human nutrition industry in China, and now it will be able to extend its operation also to the animal nutrition industry. 
Mr. Shimshi adds: “FOS is well known by the pet food industry in Europe and North America as a beneficial prebiotic ingredient and I believe that in the next years also the pet food industry in China will adopt it as a standard ingredient in the premium and super-premium brands.”


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