PTI awards its agency business to WNA Packaging Technologies

PTI awards its Waldner agency business to WNA Packaging.

Packaging Technologies & Inspection, LLC (PTI), a global leader in package testing equipment, has awarded its Waldner agency business to WNA Packaging Technologies, LLC. WNA Packaging Technologies, founded and led by industry veteran Julian Stauffer, will operate under the Waldner North America brand name as a stand-alone entity for sales, service, and new product development. The existing Waldner sales, service, and engineering teams, whom you have come to know well at PTI, will continue to operate under WNA Packaging Technologies. 

“Our Waldner North America team will continue to fulfill on the client requirements and expectations of the world-class packaging machinery produced by Waldner Germany,” commented Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA Packaging Technologies. “The Waldner North America brand has a reputation for achieving very high OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) production levels, and our entire team is out to elevate the equipment efficiency and effectiveness across the North American market. We look forward to personally contacting each of our current clients to understand where we can strengthen our relationships that we have been building for 20+ years. The same people our customers have come to know in the Waldner business will be here to support them for years to come.” 

Karl Angele, Managing Director of Waldner, which is headquartered in Wangen, Germany, stated “WNAPT is our ideal partner in the Americas. Their extensive industry knowledge and commitment to client centered sales and service embodies the exact principles we strive for at Waldner. Julian and I have worked together for many years, and he has built a team of food industry professionals around him that have served our customers well.” 

Stauffer adds, “Waldner filling and sealing machinery solutions provide unmatched outputs, reliability, and customization of the machine for your specific needs. The entire Waldner team works with you closely to provide the highest performance and reliability for your production requirements. Come to Waldner North America with your most challenging products and processes and be amazed at what we can deliver.” 

The team at WNA Packaging Technologies is looking forward to building on our relationships that we have fostered over the years and to providing a world class client experience. 

For all inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call 316.477.1067


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