Wild Earth announces new round of funding

Wild Earth announces new round of funding for cell-based meats and proteins.

If you’ve been a customer or a follower, you’ve been a part of some massive momentum for Wild Earth and for sustainability in the pet food space. Now, we are thrilled to announce a new round of funding to reignite our commitment to healthier dogs, a cleaner planet and animal welfare. So, where do we start? Cell-based meats and proteins for our pets.

We are poised to further transform the pet food industry for the better with new products by utilizing new capital of $23 million from At One Ventures (founded by GoogleX co-founder Tom Chi), Veginvest (early investors in JUST foods and GOOD Meat); Big Idea Ventures (including Tom Mastrobuoni, an early investor and former board member at Beyond Meat); Bitburger Ventures (venture firm of one of the world’s largest breweries); Gaingels (investing in the best companies that embrace LGBT+ leadership); Parkview, Evolution; 519VC; Valhalla Ventures; actor and star of the Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley; investor Mark Cuban and more.

“As Wild Earth’s first partner, VegInvest is thrilled to continue investing in the company and its mission to transform the pet food industry onto one that supports the health of companion animals without harming other animals or the environment. The company’s impressive growth, even through the pandemic, is evidence that these values are shared by consumers who are increasingly demanding products, including pet food, that is not only healthier, but more sustainable and humane.”  Amy Trakinski, VegInvest

“We are very happy to join the exciting Wild Earth journey, since Bitburger Ventures is actively looking for rapidly growing businesses that leverage technology to drive sustainability for the good of the planet. We believe that the sustainable, healthy pet food products of Wild Earth will massively grow in the future driven by additional groundbreaking innovations,” said Dr. Friedrich Droste, Investor at BitBurger.

Over the past year, our customers have helped us grow more than 700%, improving the lives of dogs across the country and even some abroad. We are focusing now on new product development and groundbreaking research into cell-based proteins. Every goal we achieve grows our impact on the environment and puts more pressure on cruel pet food companies and factory farming practices. 

Wild Earth is the leader in plant-based pet food. I’m excited about what it has accomplished and look forward to watching it become the leader in cell-based meat pet food,” said Mark Cuban, investor and mentor to CEO Ryan Bethencourt. 

Just imagine a world where our dogs can feast on not only high-protein, plant-based dog foods that relieve ailments but also cruelty-free, sustainably sourced meats that don’t require harmful factory farming or loss of life. With our new funding, we’ll be able to move toward just that.

In addition to being the leader in healthy and sustainable plant-based pet food products, Wild Earth will also be investing heavily in the future of cell-based, cruelty-free and sustainable meat. We’ve heard our pet parents request loud and clear and our vision of making healthy and sustainable foods extends to both plant-based and cell-based meat products without the compromises for both our dogs and cats.

“Meat production is the most climate intensive part of our food system, driving nearly as many emissions as the global energy sector.  Wild Earth is changing the game by addressing the 20+% of meat consumption that goes to pets. Its team has a unique combination of consumer instinct and deep scientific skill, allowing them to create exceptionally healthy plant-based pet food that pets love. We’re excited to have led their last round and look forward to making a difference for the planet and your pets.” Tom Chi At One Ventures.

We’ve even added celebrity investor, and noted animal rights activist, Paul Wessely to the Wild Earth mission, so be on the lookout for some collaborations with him and Mercy for Animals. “So proud to have invested in this amazing brand.” Paul Wesley, co-star of Vampire Diaries and co-founder of Brothers Bond

With so much excitement and focus on pet wellness and responsible supply chains, we’ll look to maintain our momentum through 2021, in the name of creating healthier lives for pets, reducing our need for cruel, tainted meat-based products and creating sustainable products that use significantly fewer resources.  

Thank you to our loyal customers and to all the new ones we haven’t met yet, we couldn’t do it without our amazing community. Plant and cell-based pet foods will be revolutionary.

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