Some Americans spending more on pet's food than their own

Wren Kitchens research into the average spending on pet food in the top 10 U.S. cities.

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Adapted from a press release:

Six percent of American’s are spending more on pet's food than they do on their own food. While 11% of people in the US admitted to spending the same amount on their pets as they do their own weekly grocery shopping.

Research by Wren Kitchens looks into Americans’ attitudes toward pets in the kitchen, as well as just how much is spent on pet food each month in different cities across the country.

The Cities spending the most on their pets

Spending on average US$755 a year on pet food, the research has revealed that it’s those in Austin, Texas that are the ones spending the most on their pets each month totaling US$78.

Spending almost US$28 less than Austin, Columbus was revealed as the lowest spending city when it comes to pet food. 

Top 10 Cities

Average monthly spending on pet food



Los Angeles


San Antonio






New York




San Francisco




Washington DC


Pets at the Table

39% of Americans have their pets sit at the table with them when eating, with men (41%) more open to doing this than women (37%). Over a third (35%) are also happy to leave their pets unaccompanied in the kitchen.

Sharing is caring for Americans with one in three (31%) happy to share their meals with their pets, offering up leftovers for their animals to enjoy.

Going one step further, a fifth (20%) of those surveyed also admitted to letting their pets lick their plates clean, with an additional (11%) letting them eat from the same plate as them.

Read more on pet food spending

Pet food spending by U.S. consumers increased by more than 31% year over year by mid-2020, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported and analyzed by John Gibbons, aka the Pet Business Professor. This huge leap in reported spending corroborates similar growth in spending recorded by Packaged Facts, plus healthy pet food sales increases in 2020 reported by the American Pet Products Association, Euromonitor and others. By mid-year 2020, U.S. pet food spending reached nearly US$40 billion—US$37.96 billion, to be precise, according to the BLS data. That represented a US$9.06 billion rise from mid-year 2019, Gibbons reported.

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