Halo Pet celebrating pet "kids"

Halo Pets launching campaign aimed at millennial and Gen Z pet parents.

Let's face it, pets are the world's best kids. That's why today, Better Choice Company, a pet health and wellness company, unveils its new marketing campaign to celebrate pet parenthood. The new Halo Pet campaign sets out to validate and empower the new generation of “Pet Moms.” The campaign launches in support of the company's new brand, Halo Elevate, a super-premium, natural pet food backed by science.

 Millennials are delaying having children. They are, however, enthusiastically embracing pet parenthood, with 76% of millennials owning a pet.  The new campaign from Halo is speaking to these “Pet Moms” and saying “We see you. We get you. We are you.”

 “The World’s Best Food For The World’s Best Kids” campaign kicks off with a full suite of digital assets including a unique augmented reality experience featuring education tools and incentives for Pet Moms. Created in partnership with creative agency and production studio, Humanaut, the campaign is centered around the fact that to pet parents, their pets are their children. Halo shines a light on this shared bond that’s deeper than any belly-rub. 

“We’ve all had a moment when we say ‘good morning’ to our dog or cat before our spouse and/or human children. The Halo brand is all about embracing the joys and quirks of pet parenting and being a pet mom,” said Scott Lerner, CEO, Better Choice Company. “As a dad of two kids and a “pet mom” to my goldendoodle Leo, this campaign was created to empower consumers to be the best pet parents and that starts with providing the highest quality nutrition.” 

The campaign is designed to reach millennials at the right moment with the right content to drive awareness, consideration and traffic to our strategic retail partners such as Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and select neighborhood pet stores. The campaign will reach Pet Moms where they consume content: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.  

Halo is investing in a multi-million dollar media plan to support this new campaign which includes:

 ·       Targeted Video through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwPkoID7MxQ

 ·       Experiential: Includes a realistic augmented reality experience via a QR code that demonstrates the unique product features of Halo Elevate and provides FAQs and product discounts at retail.

 ·       Influencer Campaign: Halo is tapping dozens of millennial and Gen Z content creators to show how they live the Halo Pet Mom lifestyle and spread the word. 



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