PetSmart and Only Natural Pet commit to advancing sustainability

PetSmart becomes first retail ICON member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition’s (PSC) industry-leading sustainability initiatives received a big boost from the leading omni-channel pet company, PetSmart, along with its well-known subsidiary, Only Natural Pet. Ira ICON level PSC memberships–the highest membership level in the organization–signals continued commitment to advance sustainability across the pet industry through partnership and engagement around environmental and social initiatives.

PetSmart is the first retailer to elevate to PSC’s ICON level. PetSmart’s deepening commitment to sustainability is highlighted by the growth of its enterprise ESG function by bringing on Joanne Dwyer in 2022 as the vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability–a seasoned sustainability leader with more than two decades of experience. Under Dwyer’s leadership, PetSmart developed a strategic CSR framework introduced in its inaugural report A World Through Their Eyes. 

“PetSmart has had a long-standing partnership with the Pet Sustainability Coalition and we’re grateful for their support and guidance along our sustainability journey,” Dwyer said. “At PetSmart, our deep love of pets drives our commitment to build an inclusive and sustainable future. It’s clear this passion is shared across the industry and by our fellow PSC members. We’re honored to be the first retail ICON member and excited to expand our work together to drive industry leadership and support to our associates, the pets in our care, the planet and the communities we serve.”

Only Natural Pet is a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, now celebrating its 10th year of impact in the pet space. PSC worked closely with Only Natural Pet on its journey toward B Corp certification, achieved in 2019 and re-certified in 2022. In addition to its retail presence in Boulder, CO, Only Natural Pet makes a wide variety of natural pet products including foods and treats, hard goods and supplements. 

“As a founding member of PSC we have benefited from many of PSC’s supportive offerings. This is an exciting moment in our ongoing journey to accelerate our sustainability commitment for pets and our planet,” said Andy Downs, Sustainability Manager at Only Natural Pet. 

 Icon Membership

Icon members are leaders whose investment in PSC helps advance their company’s environmental and social performance. Icon level members are also important partners in the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s work on major systemic issues facing the pet industry, including sustainable packaging and responsible ingredient sourcing. 

 “This move of both companies to Icon membership demonstrates their sustainability leadership in the pet industry. Both organizations continue to demonstrate a transparent commitment to continuously improving their environmental and social impact,” said Caitlyn Dudas, PSC’s executive director. “The two companies are trusted and valued partners, contributing to PSC’s unique expertise and our financial resources to advance our industry-wide priorities.”

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