TEMPTATIONS treats will delight the finickiest of cats this holiday

Five tasty flavors will break the cool cat attitude and ensure some festive antics.

Cat parents know that their feline friends can be too cool–sometimes painfully, irritatingly cool–and these hard-to-impress kitties make no exceptions for cheesy holiday traditions, when humans tend to be at their cringiest. Luckily, the TEMPTATIONS brand, proudly part of Mars, is helping cat-owning families come together to share memorable bonding moments during the holidays. With the help of TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e treats, cats won't be able to resist setting their cool attitudes aside and join their cat parents for holiday fun, like capturing that memorable holiday family portrait singing carols or gift giving. The irresistibility and lickable format of the tasty treats make it the purrrfect tool to hold cats' attention to join in on any of your favorite holiday traditions.

To help spread the word of this irresistible holiday hack, the TEMPTATIONS brand's new integrated holiday campaign taps into the insight that even the coolest of cats will go nuts for TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e treats, letting their cool exterior go and allowing them to get involved in cheesy holiday moments. The campaign creative, led by creative agency adamandeveDDB, leans into the beloved nostalgia of cheesy holiday specials from the 1970's, including a custom schmaltzy holiday song, tacky decorations, outfits and more. The 40-second ad shows a cat acting way too cool for the cringe-worthy holiday cheer, that is until a TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e treat is served.

"The holidays are a special time for making memories and bonding with family, friends and, of course, our pets," said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of Marketing for Mars Petcare North America. "We know that getting cats into the holiday spirit can be a challenge, so we found a way to make it–quite literally–a treat. It's the TEMPTATIONS brand's gift to cat parents, to help bring them together with their pets during the holiday season."

When fed by hand, the TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-ée treat allows cat owners to create more time with their pet, making it the ultimate–and most delicious–bonding experience. Just squeeze to feed directly from the tube for extra-special time spent together.

To further help cats join in on the holiday fun, the TEMPTATIONS brand has created a special TEMPTATIONS Holiday Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e Bundle, purrrfect for gifting the special cat in your life to help them set their cool attitudes aside for the holidays and create memorable moments. The bundles, which can be purchased here, feature three meow-worthy TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e flavors in chicken, beef and tuna, plus two TEMPTATIONS Tasty Chicken Classic Treat three-ounce packs. From November 22- December 13, cat parents who sign up for TEMPTATIONS brand emails will receive access to weekly TEMPTATIONS brand holiday offers, where each week a special holiday gift will be available for their feline friends along with the purchase of one of the holiday bundles.

TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e treats are the purrrfect holiday gift for feline family members. They come in 1.7-ounce, single-serve pouches for convenience and less mess and in five tasty flavors cats love–chicken, salmon, tuna, beef liver and cheese. They can be purchased at https://shop.temptationstreats.com/collections/holiday-bundles or in-store and online at mass retailers and pet stores nationwide.

To learn more about the TEMPTATIONS brand or to purchase TEMPTATIONS Creamy Purrrr-Ă©e treats, visit TemptationsTreats.com or follow the brand on InstagramTikTokFacebook and Twitter.

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