Study highlights Singaporean pet owners' preference towards fresh pet food

Research revealed awareness about the importance of high-quality pet nutrition.

A recent independent study by Singapore Management University (SMU), utilizing PetCubes product, highlights a significant shift in Singaporean pet owners' preferences towards fresh pet food. The study reveals increased awareness about the importance of high-quality pet nutrition, despite perceived cost barriers.

While kibble remains popular (77% of pet diets), there's a noticeable rise in the adoption of fresh pet food, with 9.6% opting for a commercial cooked diet and 9.0% for a commercial raw diet. The study emphasizes the potential long-term health benefits and financial savings associated with fresh pet food.

Comparing lifetime costs, feeding kibble incurs SGD 3,942 to SGD 7,815 for a 5kg dog's 12-year life expectancy, whereas opting for PetCubes fresh food averages SGD 23,337. The study also considers potential savings on veterinary expenses, highlighting that while fresh food may seem costlier than canned wet food, it offers a more comprehensive financial perspective.

The study draws attention to Purdue University research, indicating a 70 to 90% reduction in cancer cell growth with a 20% inclusion of fresh food. Dogs on a fresh diet show lower obesity and degenerative disease risks, potentially extending their lifespan by up to three years, as corroborated by the University of Helsinki.

Dr. Francis Cabana, director of nutrition at PetCubes, emphasizes the research's conclusive demonstration of fresh food's profound impact on pets' long-term health, reducing disease risks and potential veterinary costs. PetCubes, a leader in the fresh pet food industry, advocates for an informed approach to pet nutrition, backed by research and collaboration with esteemed institutions.

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