New Age Pet debuting at Global Pet Expo

Nineteen new products will be featured.

New Age Pet is gearing up to debut 19 cutting-edge products at the upcoming Global Pet Expo in Orlando, presented by APPA and PIDA from March 20-22. Attendees can explore over 30 items, including:

  • InnPlace Crate
  • Piedmont Diner XL
  • Classic Litter Loo
  • Bunkhouse Dog House
  • Madagascar Reptile Lounge
  • XL Outdoor Cat House (New)
  • Restful Roost, Roosting Bars (New)
  • Lo-Boy Versa Stand (New)

Key Product Launches in 2024:

  1. Brea Pantry Diner: Redesigned for enhanced functionality and aesthetics, featuring a storage compartment and feeding drawer in two timeless finishes

  2. XL Murphy Bed: Space-saving fold-down bed with shelf for additional storage, available in espresso and gray

  3. EcoNook Corner Pet Crate: Stylish corner crate designed to fit into any room's corner, available in espresso and russet

  4. FlexiDoor Pet Crate: Flexible crate with a short side door, available in three sizes and two colors

  5. Horizon Pet Crate: Variation of the InnPlace Crate with stainless-steel spindles, bone-shaped latches, and a door on the "long side," available in three sizes and two colors

  6. Freedom LitterLoo (patent pending): Stylish and functional solution for easy pet waste management, available in espresso and antique white

  7. Cozy Critter Tiny Tails Villa: Two-story living space for hamsters or gerbils, offering easy access and optimal airflow

  8. Cozy Critter Chateau: Deluxe retreat for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas with three convenient doors

  9. Cozy Critter Connect-a-Hutch: Large modular hutch for rabbits, guinea pigs, or chinchillas, expandable for extended space

  10. Atherton Rabbit Hutch: Outdoor rabbit home with a hinged roof panel, easy-to-clean pull-out drawer and predator-resistant latches

  11. XL Mojave Reptile Lounge: Larger version with front sliding glass doors, top-mounted feeding door, vented side panels, and two cord routers, available in two colors

  12. XL Versa Stand: 60” version designed for use with XL Mojave Reptile Lounge, featuring a center storage cabinet and optional shelves, available in two colors

  13. Fontana Premier Chicken Barn: Accommodates four to six chickens with a hinged roof, easy-to-clean tray, side-mounted nest box, and roosting bars

  14. Feathered Friends Beak Buffet: Holds approximately five cups of seed across four compartments, available in maple with walnut trim

  15. Feathered Friends Beak Bistro: Top-loading bird feeder with hanging cable, available in walnut

  16. Feathered Friends Beak Bungalow: Stylish post/fence mount home for wild feathered friends, offered in two sizes

  17. Feathered Friends A-Frame Retreat: Stylish, wild bird house with hanging cable, offered in two sizes

  18. Astro Kube: Ideal hangout for cats of all life stages, made with high-quality MDF, includes a soft mat and dangle toy, available in two colors

The Cozy Critter Tiny Tails Villa will be showcased in the New Products Showcase for the small animal category, eligible for the Best in Show Awards.

Alex Canales, senior VP sales and marketing at New Age Pet, expressed excitement about unveiling these products at the expo, emphasizing their functionality and style across various categories.

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