ProAmpac attending SPC Impact 2024

The company will showcase new products and host a workshop.

ProAmpac, a global leader in flexible packaging and material science, will showcase its latest advancements in ProActive Sustainability at SPC Impact 2024, hosted by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Leading a workshop titled "Packaging Design for Reduction" on Thursday, April 4th, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am (CDT), ProAmpac will explore the balance of reducing packaging while maintaining functionality and appeal.

The workshop, featuring industry experts Ben Davis and Sal Pellingra from ProAmpac, alongside Olga Kachook from Greenblue, promises an interactive experience with audience polling to highlight the critical role of reducing materials in sustainable packaging design.

Sal Pellingra, vice president of global packaging design, applications, and business development at ProAmpac, emphasizes the hands-on nature of the workshop, stating, "We’ll be leading an interactive, hands-on workshop including audience polling that highlights how reducing materials plays a critical role in sustainable packaging design."

In addition to the workshop, ProAmpac will exhibit its full range of ProActive Sustainability solutions, offering at least one sustainable attribute for 100% of its products. Sal Pellingra further adds, “ProAmpac offers at least one sustainable attribute for 100% of our products, allowing us to be the primary source of both conventional and sustainable flexible packaging in the industry. We continue to lead the flexible packaging industry with many patented or patent pending sustainable technologies. Our best-in-class products are backed by a manufacturing enterprise delivering sustainable packaging solutions that perform.”

ProAmpac invites all attendees to visit its booth at SPC Impact 2024 to discover more about high-performance, sustainable packaging solutions. 

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