FEDIAF introduces new manifesto

Future priorities includes three core pillars.

FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood, representing the pet food industry across 18 European countries, introduced its groundbreaking manifesto during a special event in Brussels, laying out industry priorities ahead of the European elections.

Accounting for 95% of Europe's pet food market and producing over €29 billion worth of pet food annually, FEDIAF plays a pivotal role in nourishing Europe's 340 million pets, a responsibility it takes seriously.

Sonia Franck, FEDIAF’s secretary general, emphasized the manifesto's focus on three core pillars: ensuring safe and nutritious pet food, promoting the societal significance of pets and advancing sustainability across the industry.

Key highlights from the manifesto include:

  1. Advocating for a supportive regulatory framework to ensure the safety and quality of pet food, with a call for priority sector recognition and uninterrupted access to essential ingredients

  2. Championing responsible pet ownership and the importance of nutrition in pet welfare, urging policymakers to acknowledge the positive impact of pet interaction

  3. Promoting a circular economy by integrating sustainability into industry practices, advocating for harmonized environmental standards and supporting packaging innovations

Franck concluded by rallying industry support for the manifesto, stressing the need for policymakers to heed their collective voice.

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