Partner in Pet Food sees record sales in 2014

European petfood producer Partner in Pet Food (PPF) reported a 5% rise in annual sales for 2014.

European petfood producer Partner in Pet Food (PPF) reported a 5% rise in annual sales for 2014.

PPF said its sales totaled EUR235 million (US$266.3 million), across the 36 markets in which it operates, making 2014 a record sales year for the company. Its total product volume was 416,806 tonnes, enough to feed approximately 2 million cats and 1.7 million dogs for one year.

PPF’s record year in 2014 was driven predominantly through new products and innovation, a good return on the big investments the company has made in its research and development and production capabilities in recent years. This, combined with the successful integration of Agro-Trust, has enabled PPF to drive significant increases in sales of its premium alucup and pouch products. In 2014, pouch sales increased 42% and alucup increased by 38%. Overall, innovations accounted for 10% of sales in 2014.

“Our excellent performance in 2014 is testament to the strengths of PPF in product quality, innovation and customer service,” said Attila Balogh, CEO of PPF, said.

PPF also has continued to expand by entering new markets and increasing sales of branded products. Sales of PPF’s branded products increased by double digits in 12 markets, led by strong performances in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

In Western Europe, the company increased sales in Germany and France by 30%, and delivered on last year’s forecast that it would triple its U.K. sales.

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