Pedigree launches Feed the Good global marketing campaign

Pedigree Brand has launched a new global marketing campaign called Feed the Good.


Pedigree Brand has launched a new global marketing campaign called Feed the Good.

Created by BBDO, Feed the Good is Pedigree’s first global campaign in years and is based on the simple, yet universal insight that dogs bring out the good in people as their innocence helps us reconnect with our own.

"Studies attest how the companionship of animals transforms and improves people's lives," said Leonid Sudakov, chief marketing officer, global petcare, Mars Inc.  "By nourishing the loveable innocence in every dog, Pedigree helps feed the good they bring to the world."

Pedigree will roll out Feed the Good creative, as well as other integrated marketing elements beginning in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and the US, with additional markets slated for later in 2015 and 2016. The global insight will fuel all of the Feed the Good executions, but the creative content is contextually relevant for the markets where it will be featured.

Above and beyond television, print and online advertisements, the campaign will feature various additional integrated marketing efforts including in-store displays, social media, consumer promotions and public relations. In some markets, like New Zealand, the campaign will be supported with world-class digital solutions developed in collaboration with companies like Google.

A 'Good Fight' in Australia

The first television commercial in the Feed the Good campaign began airing on May 4 in Australia. Titled “Good Fight,” the spot opens on several young adults on a street corner who are poised to fight. Just as it's about to get really heated, one of them notices a loose dog in the middle of a busy street with a despondent owner on the far sidewalk. Suddenly the men forget about their issues and sprint to help protect the dog. The relieved owner joins the two men who saved his dog to thank them – the fight long forgotten.

'First Days Out' in Brazil

Feed the Good launches in Brazil via an online documentary film that follows the real-life journey of two ex-cons – Joey and Matt – who each adopt dogs upon their release from prison. The emotional three-minute video, called â€śFirst Days Out” profiles all of the good that comes from these unlikely pairs, including new opportunities, blossoming friendships and mended fences. In addition to the documentary, Pedigree will release a 30-second television commercial called “Dogs World” in Brazil later in 2015.

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