Amazon offers pet profile to aid online pet food buying

The online retail giant offers a monthly email with the profile that includes pet food and product coupons and tips.

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Amazon now allows users to create a profile for their pet to help users find and select pet foods on Amazon.  The online retail giant offers a monthly email with the profile that includes pet food and product coupons and tips.

Setting up Amazon Pet Profile

Amazon first asks users the type of their pet, such as dog, cat, reptile or even horse. Pet owners then enter their animal’s name, followed by breed, including mixed, and age. The mixed breed option gives users the ability to select multiple breeds.

Pet owners can list their animal’s gender and weight. They also have the option to select favorite food brands and dietary preferences, such as all natural, grain-free, limited ingredient or vegetarian. A pet’s favorite food flavors and toys can also be selected. Pet owners can upload a photo to their Amazon Pet Profile.

According to the Pet Profiles page on Amazon, the profiles will give users these benefits:

  • Pet food discount: Prime members get a one-time 20 percent discount on your next pet food order following first profile creation.
  • Exclusive coupons: Prime members unlock exclusive profile customer only coupons.
  • Profile page: Custom page to shop coupons, deals and more for your pet.

Pet food topped Amazon sector sales from October 2016-17

Amazon's pet product sales beat US$2.2 billion in the 12 months between October 2016 and September 2017, wrote a One Click Retail pet food market analyst in the report “Pet Products on Amazon: 2017 Update.” Amazon pet product sales increased 33 percent year over year.

Pet food and feeding supplies made up the largest chunk of those pet product sales at US$970 million. Forty-four percent of all pet products sales were in the pet food market. Pet food also grew the most, year over year, at 47 percent. To put that in perspective, dry dog food alone was larger than any other category within pet products on Amazon.

Pet food market subcategories filled two of the top five spaces of fastest growing pet products subcategory. In terms of Amazon sales, cat treats were the third fastest growing, hitting 60 percent year over year.  Dry cat food was the fourth fastest at 58 percent.

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