Pet Business recognized dog, cat food and treats of 2017

Pet Business editors select the winners in categories such as pet food and pet products.

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Pet Business’ 16th annual Industry Recognition Awards program recognized the pet industry’s innovative and functional products across various categories. Pet Business editors select the winners in categories such as pet food, dog and cat treats, pet products, best packaging redesigns, merchandising displays and consumer-marketing campaigns.

Pet Business dog food and treat recognitions

Dry dog food

Lucy Pet Products - Lucy Pet Formulas For Life

Lucy Pet Products’ Lucy Pet Formulas for Life recipes contain high-quality proteins—like duck and wild-caught Alaskan salmon—plus a blend of quinoa, pumpkin and chickpeas for a balance of beneficial bacteria,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

WellPet - Wellness CORE RawRev

“Wellness CORE RawRev combines high-protein, grain-free kibble with 100 percent pure bites of freeze-dried meat for a delicious topper, snack or complete and balanced meal. It is available in three varieties—turkey, lamb and turkey small breed recipes,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Freeze-dried dog food

Under the Weather - Under the Weather Freeze-Dried Bland Diets

“Formulated for dogs with digestive issues, freeze-dried bland diets from Under the Weather Pet are made from human-grade meats raised in the U.S. and contain no meat byproducts, gluten, artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Longevity Raw Pet Food - Dr. B’s Longevity Raw Pet Food

“Dr. B’s Longevity Raw Pet Food is a unique immune-system-building formula containing high-quality, grass-fed and pastured proteins, locally sourced, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, and pet superfoods such as green tripe, lycopene and medicinal mushrooms added in amounts shown in research to reduce the incidence of cancer,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Wet dog food

Redbarn Pet Products - Wildwood Canned Stews

“Wildwood Canned Stews from Redbarn feature proteins like trout, duck and quail in gravy,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Caru Pet Food - Daily Dish Stews for Dogs

“Caru Pet Food’s Daily Dish stews for dogs are made in the USA in a human-food plant with 100 percent human-grade ingredients,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Dog food toppers

Sojourner Farms - Sojos ProteinPlus Toppers

“Sojos ProteinPlus Toppers contain just six ingredients—90 percent turkey, beef or lamb with whole-food ingredients like broccoli, green peas, apples, cranberries and blueberries,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Basics Brands - Flavors

“Flavors from Basics Brands are all-natural, grain-free and 100 percent human-grade food toppers and treat mixes,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Whitebridge Pet Brands - Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Flavor Booster Bisque

“Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Flavor Booster is a grain-free, creamy meal topper that is packed with chunks of real beef, chicken, tuna or pork in a savory broth,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Dog treats 

Emerald Pet Products - Purely Prime Tender Bacon Strips

“Purely Prime Tender Bacon Strips, from Emerald Pet Products, contain applewood smoked bacon,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Man’s Best Friend Technologies - 4 Paws Butcher Shop Jerkies & Burgers

“4 Paws Butcher Shop jerky and burgers are nutritious dog treats made with 100 percent human-grade, USDA chicken breast, pork shoulder, duck breast and Wagyu beef—all farmed and produced in the US,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Dogs Love Kale - Dogs Love Snapeas

“Dogs Love Snapeas from Dogs Love Kale provide most of the essential amino acids required by dogs, plus fiber and resistant starch to aid digestion,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Earth Animal - Earth Animal Grain-Free Baked Cookies

Earth Animal’s line of grain-free, sprout-based cookies for dogs are sourced from organic farms and produced in the USA in a human-food bakery,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Zuke’s - Enhance

“Enhance Functional Chews, from Zuke’s, combine the best herbs and ingredients that nature has to offer and are available in six varieties—calming, digestion, endurance, fresh breath, mobility and shiny coat,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

King Kanine - King Kalm Krunch

King Kanine’s King Calm Crunch is an organic cookie made with cannabidiol (CBD),” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Tuffy’s Pet Food - Pure Vita “Raw / No Thaw” Freeze Dried Treats

“Pure Vita “Raw / No Thaw” Freeze Dried Treats are made with 100 percent animal protein, including wild boar, turkey, venison, salmon, duck and beef,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

MiracleCorp - Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried 100% PURE Wild Salmon

“MiracleCorp’s Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze-Dried 100% Pure Wild Salmon includes key nutrients that support a dog’s overall health,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Boo Boo’s Best - Boosters! Training Treats

Boo Boo’s Best Boosters! are made from wild or grass-fed meats from Australia, New Zealand and the U.S., plus fruits, vegetables and coconut oil,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Loving Pets - Houndations

“Houndations from Loving Pets are bite-sized soft chew treats for small dogs,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Pet Business cat food and treat recognitions

Dry cat food

Health Extension Pet Care - Health Extension Grain-Free Cat Food

Health Extension Pet Care’s Grain-Free Cat Food contains premium protein sources like real chicken, tuna or tilapia. Ingredients like apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are also added to help support optimal health,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Dr. Elsey’s - cleanprotein 

“Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein kibble is grain and gluten free with no added fillers or preservatives. This high-protein food is inspired by the protein levels found in natural prey,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Wet cat food

Radagast Pet Food - Rad Cat Natural Pork Recipe

“Radagast Pet Food’s Natural Pork Recipe is part of the frozen Rad Cat Raw Diet line. Its natural pork is made with pork shoulder, providing a balanced ratio of boneless and skinless whole muscle meat to fat,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Nature’s Variety - Instinct Minced Cups

Instinct Minced Cups are made with cuts of cage-free chicken, farm-raised rabbit, or wild-caught tuna or salmon in savory gravy,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Cat treats

Rush Direct - Res Q Pet Naturals Freeze Dried Minnows

Rush Direct’s Res Q Pet Naturals Freeze Dried Minnows are made-in-the-USA, all-natural cat treats with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives,” wrote Pet Business’ editors.

Pure Treats Inc. - Purebites Mixers

“PureBites Mixers are available in five varieties, including 100 percent pure wild skipjack tuna in water and 100 percent pure chicken breast and wild, ocean shrimp in water,” wrote Pet Business’ editors. 

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