Petfood Forum China 2018 announces call for papers

Petfood Forum China serves the rapidly growing Chinese pet food market, which saw compound annual growth of more than 25 percent from 2012 to 2017.

Debbie Phillips-Donaldson
Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

The Petfood Forum China 2018 content advisory board is seeking abstracts for noncommercial presentations, due May 18, 2018.

Petfood Forum Asia 2018 is scheduled for August 21, 2018, at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai, next to the Shanghai New International Expo Center in conjunction with Pet Fair Asia 2018. Please do not submit an abstract if you are not sure you will be able to attend Petfood Forum China on August 21.

Petfood Forum Asia China submission topics

Potential speakers are invited to submit abstracts on pet food and pet treat topics including:

  • Data, trends and predictions for the China and global pet food markets, including pertinent retail channels such as online pet food sales and marketing;
  • Pet food ingredients, including novel ingredients, their characteristics and potential applications in pet food or treat formulations; plus ingredient considerations related to processing;
  • Pet food processing, including new research and techniques, as well as the influence of processing on various ingredients and formulations;
  • Update and overview of pet food regulations in China and in potential export markets;
  • New information or ideas for marketing pet food, including via social media;
  • Information, techniques or processes for new product development in pet food.

An advisory board of pet food experts will evaluate all submissions for:

  • Relevance of topic, especially to the Chinese pet food market
  • Presence of new or innovative information, concepts or research — originality is key
  • Proposed speaker’s experience or background with the topic, as well as with the Chinese market
  • Lack of commercialization or promotion — it is crucial that the paper/presentation does not come across as a sales pitch, seeking to promote your organization or product(s)
  • Evidence of previous speaking experience

Each submission is evaluated on its own merits against these criteria but also in relation to other papers received. This is a one-day conference with only about eight presentations; within those, we seek to present a balance of timely topics as well as ensure specific areas of high industry importance and popularity are sufficiently covered.

No abstract will be considered if it seems commercial or if it has been published or presented prior to Petfood Forum China 2018. Abstracts similar in title or content to previously presented material should include significant new information.

About Petfood Forum China

This will be the seventh edition of Petfood Forum China, the exclusive conference for the Chinese pet food market. As the middle class increases in China and incomes rise accordingly, more people are becoming pet owners and purchasing commercial pet food. Thus, the pet food market is growing rapidly, with compound annual growth of more than 25 percent from 2012 to 2017.

Registration for Petfood Forum China will be available in late spring or early summer. Click here for the call for papers. For upcoming registration information, visit

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