Innovation in the Mexican pet food market

Latinzoo, held in Mexico City, showcased new pet food companies and their latest pet product offerings.

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Directed to the veterinary industry, the international expo Latinzoo was held in Mexico City, July 18-19. Latinzoo is the right spot to go for information on the latest trends in the Mexican pet care industry and to speak with industry experts.

According to the Latinzoo website, the event was expected to draw nearly 25,000 visitors. The fair included the exhibition of more than 250 companies presenting their latest innovations of pet food products and pet accessories.

One conclusion deriving from the expo is the transformation that the local pet food environment is experiencing, with the surge of new market players in the marketplace. New companies are arriving in the market, not only with their presence, but they are making inroads by taking some market share from the longer-lasting market leaders.

Some of the companies exhibiting at the fair were not well-known industry leaders, but emerging companies seeking to show visitors the value and novelty of their offerings.

For example, in terms of new product developments, Previtep, a local leader in premixes and animal nutrition, presented its dry dog and cat food brands, Vitacan and Michi, respectively. The company has a renewed and appealing product image including a cutting-edge formulation containing DHA. Previtep is taking advantage of its enduring experience in the animal feed industry and putting that into its pet food division.

Albasepa was another Mexican company present at the expo. It competes directly with market giants in supermarkets and mom-and-pop stores. The company has a wide array of dry dog and cat food products, ranging from standard to premium formulations. It manufactures Hi MultiPro, Hi Dog and Maxi Bobby, with three price tiers. A key ingredient in its formulations is prebiotics, which is quite popular in Mexico.

Lastly, Iron Dog was the third noticeable brand presenting its products at the expo. The brand owner is a Mexican company called Tuttimascotte and is rapidly developing in the local marketplace. Iron Dog's product array specializes in premium formulations, particularly, those with high protein content. Its portfolio includes dry dog food for puppies, adults and small breeds; moreover, the brand offers a product variety focused on active dogs, particularly those involved in hunting, rescuing and guarding.

Along with Brazil, Mexico is likely the market in this region that is continuously contributing to new product developments, including new formulations and brand extensions.

New product developments become rather important in a mature market that aims to prolong its upward trend.

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